Blinds are cleaned dried and returned on the same day that you booked in or they can be picked up cleaned and stored until you have finished your renovations. we stock most blind parts and can repair most blinds , repairs are cheaper when you are having your blinds cleaned.

All blinds that have wheels in are also re lubricated when they are cleaned to make sure blinds are working at their best

Venetian Blinds

When it comes to Venetian blinds, cleaning becomes difficult with many hard to reach areas preventing you from achieving the best results. While you may dust the main areas, there are many spots that can be harbouring dirt and germs. With our ultrasonic method, we can effectively blast away nicotine, dirt, dust, stains, mould and more. As this method is done using water and gentle detergents in moderation, this is an environmentally friendly solution you can trust.
Need a new cord? We are happy to assess your blinds and come up with affordable solutions. To make a booking for Advanced Blind Cleaning Perth, or to speak to us regarding cleaning services, simply give us a call today and we’ll happily organise a time for us to visit.

Advanced Blind Cleaning

Blind Repairs

Let Advanced blind Cleaning look over them for you and see whether we can source the right part for the job.
In addition to cleaning your blinds we can:
Re-cord tired Venetians
Replace cord locks
Replace tilters
Shorten your blinds
Replace internal track and headbox parts

Advanced Blind Cleaning & Blind Repairs